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Da Nang Home Cooking Class is a great opportunity to learn about Vietnamese cuisine and culture at a local house. Elly and Lani who will teach you how to cook Vietnamese food. Both girls are born and grow up together in the beautiful port city Danang. They have a large knowledge about Vietnamese food, culture, and lifestyle.

They won’t just give you step by step instruction on how to make the food but also give you an insight into local’s life. They know many recipe secrets that have handed down from her family generations.

They will make you feel like home away from home. Elly and Lani ‘s  motto is: “To Vietnamese girls, being able to cook is a pride, and being able to illustrate Viet dishes to everyone is even a greater achievement.”


With Da Nang Home Cooking Class, you can get much more than a cooking class. While you will get wonderful cooking class, you can also get: the warmth, hospitably and a true Vietnamese meal! You will visit a colorful local market, beautiful vegetable gardens and tour around the local family.

Classes are completely hands-on. You will practice cooking with Vietnamese cooking techniques. We will present a cooking demonstration and provide tasting samples. At your personal cooking station, we will guide you through the recipe step-by-step.

We are happy to cater to your food allergies or food preferences. Please email us your food requirement. We will confirm with you the substituting dishes or ingredients. Private cooking classes can be organized to meet your party’s need. All vegetarians are welcome.


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"It was one of the best things that we did in Vietnam! The vietnamese coffee culture is very rich and we loved the class! Lyn and Sofia are the best! If you are in Da Nang you have to do this class!"

"My friend and I, visiting from the US, were looking for an experiential event to further enrich an already beautiful visit to Da Nang"

"We had a lovely experience with Lyn and Sophia during our cooking class! Everything was well prepared and the cooking area was clean. We made 4 traditional Vietnamese dishes, all with various flavours and ingredients. The food was so good! Lyn was so accommodating with my food allergy, ..."

"Fantastic. Lots of fun and great Vietnamese coffee and culture. A must do!

"What a great coffee class! We learnt how to make the famous coffees in Vietnam - and it was the best we tried since we’re here
- Vietnamese black coffee
- Egg coffee
- Salty coffee (especially amazing)
- Coconut coffee"

"It’s a nice morning spent with Lyn, learning about Vietnam’s specialities and then cooking them ourselves.
It was a relaxing experience, didn’t require us to do all the deep frying and noodles cooking, but the basic steps, yes we got them!