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Hoi an tour from Da Nang

Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary Full Day Tour from Da Nang

(Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary Day Tour) – This full-day trip features a walking tour of Hoi An Town and My Son sanctuary. Hoi An is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both

Da Nang Asia Park

Asia Park Da Nang- Things you need to know

Want to have a day full of laughs and fun with your beloved ones? Asia Park Da Nang is definitely a must in your bucket list. But first, here are things you need to know about Asia Park to fully enjoy yourself. Spreading over an area of 868,694 m2 on the west of Han River,

Da Nang 3 days in budget

Da Nang Marble Mountains – Everything You Need To Know

Located about 9 km south of Danang, Marble Mountains is one of the most popular and majestic tourist attractions in Central Vietnam. Marble Mountains Da Nang consist of an area of 5 limestone mountains standing side by side with different heights and shapes. Five mountains is named after the five natural elements: Metal (Kim), Wood


Da Nang Home Cooking Class

  Da Nang Home Cooking Class is a perfect activity while traveling in Da Nang. We offer you more than simply a cooking class. This is a great opportunity to learn about Vietnamese cuisine and local culture. While you will tour a local market, organic vegetable garden, a great Vietnamese coffee, a fun cookng session, you

Walking Food Tour

Walking Food Tour

Top must visit cafes in Da Nang

Top must visit cafes in Da Nang

Top must visit cafes in Da Nang If you’re looking for a café in Da Nang with cool drinks and nice views to hang out with friends, take some photos, or just simply relax and discover another side of this beautiful coastal city, here are some the must-visits! 1. Top must visit cafes in Da

A La Carte Da Nang Beach

Top 5 resort pools in Da Nang

Top 5 resort pools in Da Nang – While going sightseeing and exploring the city can be incredibly fascinating, sometimes all you wanna do is lazing by the pool in your swimsuit, taking a dip, and indulging yourself in a luxurious hotel with excellent services. If that is what you are looking for on your

Must eat food in Da Nang, bun cha ca, fish cake noodle soup

Top 26 Food To Eat In Da Nang

Top 26 Food To Eat In Da Nang – Da Nang owns a unique beauty with its miles of stunning beaches, white silken sand and many gorgeous islands. But that’s not the only reason why people come to this beautiful coastal city. Da Nang is also famous for its excellent cuisine with a wide variety

Best 10 things to do during sunny days in Da Nang

Best 24 things to do in Da Nang 2

Best 24 things to do in Da Nang 2 – Wondering what to do during your stay in Da Nang? Let me show you these interesting activities 😉 1. Wandering around Hoi An – Best 24 things to do in Da Nang 2 The ancient town of Hoi An is around 30km away from Danang, so visitors

摩托化美食之旅, Da Nang Motorbike Food Tour


摩托化美食之旅 – 摩托车美食之旅会带你去品尝本地最特殊的佳肴,而一般的游客若走路决定不用体验到的。与游客骑着摩托车你还可以探不一般的道路。热情和谐的导游会带你到美食最好的地方,以岘港人的方式品尝美食,听一听每一道菜背后的故事。 岘港摩托车美食之旅将带你到虽然很一般的地方,只有当地人才知道的,但是能够让你对到这个可爱城市的另一面感受到即新颖又不同的看法。4个小时内你将品尝8道菜。我们只带领小团体(最多8个客人)。你们会在当地餐厅品尝岘港最好的佳肴。本地传统文化与饮食信息会是这里每一道菜变得更有风趣。 岘港摩托车美食之旅并不是一般的美食之旅。你在整个旅途中除了品尝美菜还可以探索无法忘怀的文焕地点。旅途中你也不用等着午餐或晚餐,因为在这里有很多美食在等着你。你最好在旅途之出发前少吃一点早餐或午餐。 须知: 启程时间:早上8点整/四点证(夏天),而点整(冬天)。 旅程时间:5小时 交通工具:摩托车(我们的导游会骑车带你去) 在岘港中心的宾馆接送游客。 注意:离中心远的宾馆,我们会多收5美金/趟接送费用如Fusion Maia resort, Crowne Plaza resort, Olalani Resort, Pullman Resort, Hyatt resort, Vinpearl Resort, Sandy beach resort, Ocean villa, Pulchar Resort, Naman retreat resort。 团体规模:最多8个人 天气条件:雨天或晴天都可以 注意:旅程中如果你有节食需求请通知我们。   岘港摩托车美食之旅的独特之处 1个导游,1个游客。我们会带着你。 在岘港最好街头品尝食品。 5个餐厅,8道菜(足够代替午餐或晚餐) 探索导游书中没有的地方。 你会坐在摩托车上,当地导游会带你参观城市。 参加“越南菜之挑战”-敬请期待 小团体才能保证最好的服务。 包括: 摩托车与安全帽 会英文的导游 旅程中的所有美菜足够代替午餐/完成 矿泉水 啤酒 不包括 小费不过我们也很感谢的。