Asia Park Da Nang- Things you need to know

Want to have a day full of laughs and fun with your beloved ones?

Asia Park Da Nang is definitely a must in your bucket list. But first, here are things you need to know about Asia Park to fully enjoy yourself.

Spreading over an area of 868,694 m2 on the west of Han River, Asia Park Da Nang is an amusement park and also a complex of entertainment models in the world. Especially Sun Wheel which is located in Asia Park is the fourth largest wheel worldwide. The park is also famous for its huge investment that up to 10.000 billion VND.

sun wheel


The whole area is divided into 4 main areas: the cultural park, the multi-functional center, the amusement park and dinning area.

The cultural park brings to you a miniature of landscapes and historical monuments, arts and crafts,… as symbols of Asian countries: Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

The amusement park provides various kinds of entertainment with latest games in the world to satisfy all needs. The multi-functional center is dedicated to indoor activities: opera, sports, movies, musical events, circus and especially dolphin performance.

The Central zone is considered as a magical garden to welcome visitors to our wonderful world of culture and colorful entertainment. The central zone includes the marvels of architectural works such as: Sun Wheel, Monorail, The Great Gate, The Clock Tower, Dragon Boats and Buddha Statue…

Dinning: Experience an authentic Asia Cuisine in a unique cultural space at Asia Park through the chain of various restaurants with extensive menus, full service, and professional staff in order to serve you a perfect culinary experience.

Fares of Asia Park Da nang

  • Ticket for adults: 200,000 vnd ( ~ 9 usd)
  • Ticket for children 1m – 1m3: 150,000 vnd (~ 7 usd)
  • Children under 1 meter are free of fee.

Note: Fare is only applied for Sun Wheel, Monorail, outdoor games.

Tickets in FEC playground

  • Soft-play ticket: 50.000 VND / trip (~ 2 usd),
  • Sun Blaster ticket: 50,000 VND / trip (~ 2 usd),
  • 2,500 VND / copper coin


1. Coming to Asia Park for high-class entertainment

The games attracting most guests are monorail, high-speed slides, roller coaster,… that fit all ages. So,
Have you ever dreamed of being a firefly?

Fireflies Forest gives you a chance to transform into a firefly and hover in the air. Such a wonderful experience for all kids and adults.

asia park

Photo by Asia Park

Kabuki Truck will be an adventurous race that awakes your curiosity. The whole family needs to sit on rotation of the convertible car. Children under 100cm is not allowed to play this game, children from 100cm to 115cm need to be accompanied by adults.

asia park1

Photo by Asia Park

Asia Park is also an ideal spot for families on weekends as it has joyful games for children of all ages. Let your kids go knowledgeable with the dinosaur island in Dino Island and indulge themselves with outdoor activities.

xe lua

Photo by Asia Park

2. Being sunk in K-pop at Asia Park

If you are a fan of Korean film, then Festival Carousel is a perfect option to spend money on.
ngua go

Photo by

3. Discover the characteristics of Asia’s culture

Coming to the cultural park, you will enjoy by the diverse cultural traits, art performances, the cuisines of Asian countries: Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal, Thailand, China, South Korea, India and Vietnam.

sun wheel1

Photo by Doan Dinh

You now can have a look at Indian culture from Buddhist structures to the traditional festivals as Pushkar Fair, Odissi, traditional textile craft, printing trade, Bharatnatyam folk dance, … Activities reflect the culture of India will be held regularly in Asia Park.


Photo by Asia Park

And there are many unique cultural spaces such as South Korean’s Paradise Fall or Thailand’s culinary area are waiting for you to explore in Asia Park Da Nang.

asia park2

Photo by Asia Park 

4. Sun Wheel

sun wheel2

Photo by doannam_2005

What you should know about Asia Park is its remarkable Sun Wheel. It is the largest roundabout in Vietnam and one of the 10 largest roundabouts over the world.

sun wheel3

Photo by Hoang Thu Hien

Sun Wheel is now a new symbol of Da Nang. The wheel wears a brightening colorful coat at night thanks to thousands of neon lamps. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city from the height of 115m. It’s such a lifetime experience for both youngster and the elderly.

asia park3

Photo by Asia Park

In addition, you can’t ignore the FEC entertainment area which offers all up-to-date games as sun blaster and plentiful games with gifts.

asia park4

Photo by Asia Park

Asia Park Da Nang sounds like an exceptional choice for people from all walks of life. Don’t hesitate to take an eye on things you need to know about this amusement park and pack your bag heading over Da Nang to explore.


Avoid peak times. Midweek is best, but Mondays and Tuesdays are often the least crowded. Unsurprisingly, weekends produce the most crowds.

Don’t wear high heels. You should wear comfortable shoes.

Enjoy sunset and cooler weather. You should come to Asia Park after 4.30 pm to advoid the heat. Then enjoy wonderful view from Sun Wheel.

Further information:

Address: 1 Phan Dang Luu Street, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 3:30 pm – 10:30 pm; Sat – Sun: 9:30 am – 10:30 pm
Phone number: +84 511 3681 666

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