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bo lat lot

Grilled beef wrapped in guise leaves

Grilled beef wrapped in guise leaves ( or Bò nướng lá lốt ) is one of the fascinating grilled dishes in Vietnam. The First person who made it must be a great chef, it is the perfect combination of the aroma of  grilled guise leaves and the taste of beef. This is one of the


Lotus Rootstock with shrimp and meat

In reality, self- sufficiency was the land of the Viet Nam economy in a long time ago, as a consequence, people always took advantage all material available that they can utilize. Here is Lotus rootstock with shrimp and meat. The lotus flower is used for decoration, lotus seeds for making medicine and the lotus roorstock for

bun cha ca da nang

Bun Cha Ca (Fish Cake Noodle Soup)

“Bun cha ca” (fish cake noodles) has become one of the “do not miss” dishes for a traveller visiting Da Nang. The city’s popular and tasty dish is famous for its uniqueness.  Grilled fish cake is the main ingredient of this dish, and it is made from many kinds of fresh fish including lizardfish, barracuda