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Hoi An Eco-cooking Class

Hoi An city and Basket Boat half day tour from Da Nang

Tired of the busy city of Da Nang modern city, you want to come to visit something new and unique. Let’s do Hoi An full day tour from Danang. It includes riding around Cam Thanh coconut village and exploring the local lifestyle, historical sights and enjoy delicacies of Hoi An. If you are looking for

Coconut Basket Boats Tour Hoi An

Buffalo riding and Basket Boat Tour from DN

Cam Thanh village is a relic of the film revolutionary base during the war between US army and Hoi An people. You will be enthusiastically welcomed by the local people, they will lead you to rice field to ride on the back of your buffalo. Then we will visit the creeks in the water coconut

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Hoian full day tour from Danang (City Tour and Food Tour in a Day)

Situated in Central Vietnam, Hoi An was a major Asian trading port in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and its architecture and relaxed lifestyle have changed little over the years. As a World Heritage Site, Hoi An attracts more and more tourists coming to visit it every year. Discover Hoi An with our full day


Hoi An Eco Cooking Class and Basket Boat Tour

Hoi An Eco Cooking Class and Basket Boat Tour  Vietnamese food is among the best and most healthy food in the world. No wonder there are a lot of people coming to Vietnam want to learn how to make Vietnamese food. How about you? Are you among those people? Eco cooking class and basket boat tour

岘港Seafood Trail

 岘港Seafood Trail 沿着西海岸是一场美食之旅,在这里你将有机会享用优质的海鲜。此外你也不能错过岘港海边的美景,越南胜景之一。 岘港Seafood Trail将带给你的不仅是难以忘怀的海鲜,还有当地居民夜里生活的奇特体验。如果你是单独履行的游客,那么这些体验会会很难得到的。我们充满活力的热情导游将带你去最美之地饮用岘港本色的海鲜,随之了解当地居民的生活。 沿着百藤路或者山茶海岸,释放你的新欢看望着度过寒江的美桥。在整个旅程中,你会有机会品尝岘港夜里优美之甜点。 为何你应选择岘港Seafood Trail: 你可以品尝岘港绝美之海鲜。 有机会尝试5各地方不同的佳肴。 欣赏美丽的岘港夜景。 交流与学习当地美菜的文化与历史。 发掘你未得知的地名。 旅游团体一般只有12个人,保证带给游客最好最周到的服务。   价格: 60美金/人 儿童(4-10岁):50美金/人 4岁以下的孩子:免费 附加30%tour   须知: 启程时间:16点整 截止时间:20点整 交通工具:摩托车 接送地点:在岘港,您订房的地方 旅程时间:4-4.5小时 数量:不超过12人 天气条件:晴天或雨天都可以 备注:请告诉我们旅程中你不能吃的采食。   踏上旅程之时你应该随身携带:   防晒霜 帽子 墨镜 你将品尝的菜谱: (菜谱会有变更)   酸甜奖蟹 鳝粥 南乌鱼沙拉 各种文蛤,牡蛎,螺 墨鱼煎 烤虾 海鲜火锅   您还等待什么呢???