Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang- Things you need to know

Son Tra Peninsula is a popular tourist destination in Da Nang with fresh and extremely poetic natural landscape. If you are keen on natural scenery, here are things you need to know about Son Tra peninsula.

son tra

Photo by Hai Van

Best time to visit Son Tra Peninsula

The period time between March and September is the best time to visit the peninsula. It’s when you can clearly admire green landscape as well as charming features of this place. The time from October to February is normally rainy season in Vietnam, that’s why the road is slippery and the area is not good for sightseeing.

How to get to Son Tra Peninsula

There are a plenty of ways to Son Tra by renting a scooter, taking a taxi or booking a tour from travel companies. The best way to fully experience this natural gem is to rent a scooter to get to marvelous different spots in the peninsula. Most hotels in Danang offer scooter rental service at reasonable price ranging from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND per day.

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Photo by Panagiotis Papadopoulos

Here are the major road you need to know to get to Son Tra Peninsula:

Nguyen Tat Thanh Street – Thuan Phuoc Bridge – Son Tra Peninsula if you depart from Hue; Truong Sa Street – Vo Nguyen Giap Street – Hoang Sa Street – Son Tra Peninsula if you start your journey from Hoi An.

If you are in the center of Danang city, then taking over the bridges such as Dragon Bridge, Han river Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge to get the coastal road and go northeast Vo Nguyen Giap Street to start your journey discovering the hidden beauty of the peninsula.

Highlights :

The trip is not complete without wandering around Bai But – Linh Ung Pagoda, Dinh Ban Co (the top chessboard), Bai Nam, Bai Bac, Tien Sa Port, thousand-year-old banyan tree, the old heliport…

1. Bai But – Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is stunningly situated halfway from a hill on Son Tra peninsula. In Da Nang, there are three Linh Ung pagodas (one in Ngu Hanh Son, one in Ba Na Hill and another one in Son Tra Peninsula). Linh Ung Pagoda in Bai But – Son Tra Peninsula is the largest temple has been built lately.

linh ung

Photo by quang châu

From a distance, you can easily view the 67m Buddha Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva standing imposingly.As she is protecting the entire peninsula from wind and storm. Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, you get a chance to refresh your soul in a peaceful vibe. It’s definitely one of the top things you need to know when visiting Son Tra peninsula!

2. Chessboard Peak

Chessboard Peak is considered by many as the most famous and photogenic places in Son Tra Peninsula.

son tra2

Photo by Huy Nguyen

This hot spot got its name from a legend that two deities used to play chess everyday. And one day, one of them lost the game as being distracted by young fairies bathing at Tien Sa beach. He then kicked the chess board to the sea and flew back to Heaven. Therefore, locals had built the statue of a deity and painted a chess board on the rock there to memorize the King of Chess.

It is much cooler and foggier when you get to Ban Co Peak. An you have to drive carefully as the road is rough with high slopes and bends.

son tra3

Photo by Panagiotis Papadopoulos

At the height of 693 m above sea level, when getting to the peak, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city with Hai Van Mountain and blue ocean. It will give you feeling of conquering the world.
The cool breeze on the peak is very suitable for a lunch. Prepare your drink and snacks to hold a small picnic there.

3. Coral diving in Bai Nam, Bai Bac and Bai Rang

bai rang

Photo by cabull272

After going down from Ban Co Peak, you should take a dive to see coral reefs at Bai Nam, Bai Bac and Bai Rang to explore the underwater world. Becoming a fisherman along with the locals to catch snails, oysters will bring to your a delightful time.

4. A thousand- year Banyan tree


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Situated on the height of 700m, the tree stands majestically with luxuriant and interlacing foliage. The 20m high banyan tree with hundreds of big and small lateral roots deeply striking into the ground and lush foliage reaching the sea creates beautiful unique landscape. With large foliage, branches, and strong roots, banyan tree becomes a shelter, a resting place for many visitors on the way to discover Son Tra Peninsula.

5. Đá Đen Beach Đà Nẵng (Black Stone Beach)

đá đen

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Nestled beside the North Coast of Sơn Trà Peninsula, Đá Đen Beach is so incredibly beautiful. There are many black stones with alternative or stacked lying making nice views. Especially, inside the area of stone beach, there are so many beautiful spaces like fabricated lake. Protected by great rocks, water here is always blue all year round. And gentle waves appropriately for swimming. At some opportune places, group visitors with tour guide instructing how to join in fishing group and snorkeling rare coral reefs with variety of colors and species.

Do you get enough tips for your next trip to Danang?

Don’t forget to take notes all of the things you need to know about Son Tra peninsula to fully enjoy the upcoming trip!

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