Where To Rent Motobike In Da Nang

Motorbike rental is widely available in Danang but it’s not easy to get the good one at cheapest price. This article will sum up the best places to rent motorbike in Danang.

Most hotels in Danang offer motorbikes for rent. Some have their own bikes but other hotels work with the motorbike rental services to bring to your hotel. However, it prevents you from choosing a good motorbike you want.

If you are looking for finding a bike by yourselves, look on this list to pick up the best one:

1.Xe Tot company

  • Address: 229 Nguyen Van Thoai street, Danang
  • Phone: 0906 408 040
  • Motorbike types: Automatic, honda, Yamaha,…

Xe Tot Company is fully licensed and insured. Their bikes are always available in new and good condition. The service is professional and fast, which helps you to rent a motorbike easily.

xe may

Photo by http://dichvuthuexemay.com

2.Thanh Ha motorbike rental service

  • Address: Block 9, B9, Southern Tuyen Son bridge residential community, Ngu Hanh Son.
  • Phone: 01255 125 127
  • Price range: 60,000 VND – 140,000 VND depending on the bikes you choose.

Different from other shops, Thanh Ha is willing to bring the motorbike to your hotels. Everything is ready just after a phone call. See! It’s so fast and convenient!

3.The area of Bach Khoa University

On the Ngo Si Lien or Nguyen Luong Bang streets, there are several shops providing motorbike rental service at affordable price. There are different motorbike brands from SH, YAMAHA, HONDA, WAVE,… If you are living close to this area, don’t miss good deals from these shops.

4.Hoang Long company

  • Address: 85 A Ly Thai To street, Danang
  • Phone number: 0926 555 333 or 0968 441 414

Hoang Long company is a trustworthy motorbike renting shop in Danang. The price for all kinds of bikes is the same. The price for renting more than 3 days is 100,000/ 1 day. 120,000 for 1 day rental and 110,000 for 2 days rental. The staff will give you 2 helmets, 2 raincoats and 1 map of Danang after you decide the bike you want.

xe may1

Photo by http://vnbiz.vn

5.Anh Tuan motorbike:

  • Address: 143/10 Tieu La street, Danang
  • Phone : 0905708 090
  • Price: 100,000 / 1 day

As one of a good place to rent motorbike in Danang, Anh Tuan motorbike shop is highly recommended by locals and visitors. Located near Danang international airport, this shop is a great option for those who just landed in Danang by plan and look for a bike to go around.

What to note when you rent a motorbike in Danang:

You need to prepare ID card or passport for the renting process. The shop owners will keep your ID card/ passport until they get back their bikes.

If you can, make a visit to the shop to check motorbike’s quality.

Check carefully all parts of the motorbike: lights, mirror, whistle, wheel,… to avoid unexpected problems.

When you rent a motorbike in Danang, please pay attention to traffic law as you don’t want to be stopped by policemen.

Ask in advance about the timing of renting a motorbike so that you can get the best deal with good price.

Above are names of the shops where you can rent motorbike in Danang. With a great range of brands, each shop will give you good choice for bike rental.

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